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Discussion Is there any way of actually copying xbox360 games?

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Ive been looking around the web for a while now, trying to find out if its possible.

Im new to the idea of copying xbox 360 games, i understand by law you are allowed to make one copy incase the first one is lost or damaged.

Ive also read that there is no way to do this with out flashing, modding, or rewriting firmware or something with the xbox.

Is there any way possible to do it so the games play just like originals?

My understanding ,

You need
1. a Dual Layer Dvd Burner
2. Dual Layer Blank Dvds
3. a Program that can burn them

But you need a modded xbox to play the game.

Now is my understanding wrong or right?
Also what program could be used best for this process?

if it helps im running Windows 7

Is there any way of making copies of games and not needing a modded xbox to play them? If so how?

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No there isn't if you could piracy would go crazy on the xbox. You are allowed to create one backup for archive purposes. However the discs have copy protection so you need a xbox 360 drive flashed with 0800 firmware to rip the game. The console also has copy protection so you need to flash your xbox with LT firmware to defeat that copy protection. So no there is no way to copy a game without modifications


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yeah your understanding is right, I would say the best programme for burning games is ImgBurn.

If you wanted to make a copy of a game you own i think you need a disc drive in your pc that has flashed firmware so it can read the disc/get past the copyright protection ect. I'm not 100% sure on that though.
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