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Unsolved Is there a way to use Arthur Morgan in the Epilogue?

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I play rdr2 everyday not on line only for arthurmorgan. I've been looking every were for a Arthur morgan In epilogue mod or code I can put in my save wizard im so damn depressed I cant use the rdr2 editor. I've bought save wizard 3xs at 60 a pop I've download rdr sv editor about 12xs. And ps4 save pusher finally after it actually opening my saves instead of just saying opening save file. I made some awsome changes all applied successfully. But none worked. My quick mode worked but not the editor which gives me Arthur morgan alll way I hate john marston and my games never was updated always 1.00 so I could play as an actual outlaw break and entering houses scoping the best horses. And millions of dollers to leave dumb *** and all guns but. I thought that was the problem so I upfated for a day down loaded editor and still dont work I even tried the save somone has on save wizard a bouncing boy. Arthur in epilogue and every time says file damaged so now I csnt even load rdr2 after updating to newer version it stops up loading I even spent 100 dollers for a big usb storage alll for one nod I want Arthur. That's 280 dollers and still nothing so if anyone has any manual save wizard codes. can you shoot me a message *email removed by mod* I give up just went back to 1.00 for now with save wizard for stuff I va accomplish on my own ..... must be so awsome to use the rdr2 editor I even spent time putting alll on line oh add another 30 dollers. So over 300 looking for 1 mid that the rdr2 editor had a save of that says corrupt on my ps4 pro and that was to re new my plus account. I would loved jigsaw this download siad best chapter 2. Save mod ever and it was Arthur would stay alive and I could be as powerful as I am in ch4 in chap 2. Well enjoy I like watching people use it sd o looks good..
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