Discussion Is it possible to escape the Arbitor trap in Halo 3, mission: The Covenant

Cat Scientist

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The setup is simple.

Destroyed the 2 scarab tanks and have oracle activate the light bridge. Simply kill the Arbitor twice and enter the building where Truth is activating the halo rings. If you do it right you will trigger the next segment of the mission where you temporarily team up with the flood. The only problem is that Arbitor will now be out for your blood. I got a little way by initially distracting the Arbitor with a grenade, but he still managed to catch up to me while I was fighting the Covenant on Legendary. I died 12 times before giving up.

Has anyone or would anyone be able to complete the rest of the mission with a pissed off Arbitor by their side?


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You're supposed to kill him only once. Killing twice will cause him to turn on you. Also are you tryna speed run?
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