Discussion Is Blizzard Teasing Fans With The New Exclusive Demon Hunter Sombra Skin?

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    Blizzard has just unveiled its all-new Legendary Overwatch skin called the “Demon Hunter Sombra” which will be available to BlizzCon attendees and players who purchase the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. This means anyone who has a virtual ticket to the upcoming Blizzard Conference, will be rewarded with this unique new Legendary Sombra skin, along with a few other rewards.

    However, this time the developers taking a different approach as the previous skins got a blue BlizzCon-themed skin, while the new Legendary Sombra skin is inspired by the Demon Hunters of Blizzard’s Diablo series.

    This leads me to believe that we should expect a big Diablo announcement at BlizzCon. Though It is all speculation so this could turn out to be nothing, but I doubt. It is about time we get a new Diablo and there are rumors of no less than 3 new games under development at Blizzard and I think one of them is a new Diablo game.

    What do you guys think?

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