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This is an IPB TUT

Here's what the @ symbol looks like currently


Here's what you can make it look like:






How To:

1) Go to the ACP > Look and Feel > Look and Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates.

2) Click on the skin you're using and click on skin_shoutbox > shout_row and find the following code:

Hidden Content

3) Edit this part of the code

Hidden Content

<span style="color: #000000">

and change the #000000 part to whatever color you want
(e.g. Green @ symbol, you would type in

<span style="color: green">

, red would be

<span style="color: red]">

, etc.)

4)Save and enjoy. :smile:

This also works if you know the number for the #000000 you want to use (e.g. #fff000 is yellow, so instead of typing 'yellow' you could type in that)

1) Go to the ACP > Look and Feel > Look and Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates.

2) Click on the skin you're using and click on skin_shoutbox > shout_row and find the following code:
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Famous Energy

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The user groups are an extremely important feature that will help you run a successful online community. You should be able to setup the appropriate permission sets for each user group based on the needs of your forum.

The User Groups management tool can be accessed via the admincp -> Members Tab -> Member Groups. You can access both the groups and the permissions management via it.


Note the difference between Groups and Permissions. Under the groups management you can create new groups and adjust several options for them. Under permissions management you can create new permission sets and apply them to existing user Groups.

User Groups
First lets take a look at the default groups for IPB.


Note that the the super administrator for IPB is referred to as Root Admin. The first administrator account that you have created when installing IPB is root admin. Such user has access to all parts of the forum, it is the highest level user group, no restrictions apply to it and cannot be blocked.

The standard user groups for IPB (in alphabetic order) are:

Administrators - Individual users in this group have access to the admincp but unlike the root admin cannot perform high level admin functions.

Banned - A group that can be use to remove troublesome members from the board. The restrictions for the banned members group might vary but by default a member in this group will not be able to see any forums.

Guests - Users that are not a part of any other group will be added to the Guests group. By default each member that registers for an IPB based forum is assigned to a group so generally the Guests group will be for unregistered visitors only.

Members -This is the default user group. When someone registers at your IPB, this will be the user group that they will be assigned to by default.

Moderators - Users in this group have full access to each category and forum unless explicitly set otherwise. By default they have access to and can moderate all topics in all forums for your IPB.

Validating - You might want to manually validate each new user that signs up for your online board. In this case users that have registered but are still not validated by an administrator will be in this group. Note that the validation feature must be turned on for this to occur. This can be done via the admincp -> System tab -> Tools & Settings/System Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Security [Managing Members] section -> New Registration Email Validation.

Creating a new user group is very easy in IPB. All you need to do is select the group which you would like to use as a base for the new group


Then click Create.


A new page will load where you can choose the specific settings for the new group. It is advisable to use a name that will reflect the permissions for the users group.


Also make sure you are choosing the appropriate permissions set(s) for the group.


In this case our new group will be called spcial members and the only difference between it and the standard members will be that the special members will not be shown in the forum's members list (we have selected the corresponding option as shown below):


Once ready adjusting the options click the Add Group button.

Permissions Sets
Next lets take a look at the permission sets management area.


You will see the default permission sets that are included in each IPB installation.

To create a new permissions set choose a name for it and then select the desired permissions set that you would like to use as a base for the new one. Then click Create.


We will create a new permissions set for our Special Members and base it on the Members set.

Once you have clicked Create you will get a notification message that the group was successfully created. You can now go and further modify the settings for it. We will make the following changes from the standard Members group permission set.

The users with Special Members permissions set will not be able to see the Test Category (and thus all forums under it) and they will not be able to upload files to any of the forums:


Those options may greatly vary depending on your needs. You can assign various permissions on various forums and create a large number of permission sets so that you will be albe to better manage various access groups to the forums on your online board.

Finally do not forget to assign the new permissions set to the desired group. Go back to Manage Users Groups and choose Edit Group:


Select the newly created permission set from the list


and click the Complete Edit button.

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Famous Energy

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If you have individual members assigned as moderators of forums, then the Moderator Team page will throw this error:

Catchable fatal error:Object of class ipsRegistry could not be converted to stringin/srv/www/otakuboards.com/public_html/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_1/skin_stats.php on line 93

This is caused by this line in the group_strip template:

[color=#000088]<li><a[/color] [color=#660066]href[/color][color=#666600]=[/color][color=#008800]"{parse url="[/color][color=#660066]showforum[/color][color=#666600]=[/color][color=#008800]{$id}" base="[/color][color=#660066]public[/color][color=#008800]" template="[/color][color=#660066]showforum[/color][color=#008800]" seotitle="[/color]$[color=#660066]this[/color]-[color=#000088]>[/color]registry->class_forums->forum_by_id[ $id ]['name_seo']"}">{$name}[color=#000088]</a></li>[/color]

If you change that line to this

[color=#000088]<php>[/color]$seoName = $this->registry->class_forums->forum_by_id[$id]['name_seo'];[color=#000088]</php>[/color]
                                                                [color=#000088]<li><a[/color] [color=#660066]href[/color][color=#666600]=[/color][color=#008800]"{parse url="[/color][color=#660066]showforum[/color][color=#666600]=[/color][color=#008800]{$id}" base="[/color][color=#660066]public[/color][color=#008800]" template="[/color][color=#660066]showforum[/color][color=#008800]" seotitle="[/color]$[color=#660066]seoName[/color][color=#008800]"}"[/color][color=#000088]>[/color]

It shall work perfectly!!
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Famous Energy

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This tutorial will show you how to add various social media icons (twitter, youtube, facebook) icons in the IPB header. In this case next to the quick search box.


Step 1. Open your Admin CP > Look & Feel Tab > select skin > Global Templates > globalTemplate.

<if test="canSearch:|:$this->memberData['g_use_search'] && $this->settings['allow_search']">
                                                {parse template="quickSearch" group="global" params=""}

<ul class='ipsList_inline right' style='margin-top: 20px; margin-right: 30px;'>
<li style='margin:0px;'><a href='http://twitter.com/{twitter username}' title='Latest news and updates at twitter'><img src='{link to twitter icon}' alt='twitter' /></a></li>
<li style='margin:0px;'><a href='http://www.youtube.com/user/{youtube username}' title='View my Youtube videos'><img src='{link to youtube icon}' alt='youtube' /></a></li>
<li style='margin:0px;'><a href='https://plus.google.com/{google plus id}' title='View our Google Plus page'><img src='{link to your google plus icon}' alt='googleplus' /></a></li>

Then Save!!!

Now you'll need to replace where I've stated {twitter username} or {link to youtube icon} with your own social media usernames and social media icons. In different skins you may need to adapt the padding or margin to fit better with your skin.
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Famous Energy

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How to clean your site from infection

Guide added by Rikki Tissier,

There are many ways for a site to get compromised however most are the same result, hackers either try to use your site to serve malicious files, or try to redirect your users to infected sites.

Here are some things that are common that hackers do that you should look our for.

1. They will always try to leave behind a file or two as aback door into your system, it's a good idea to understand what files are good files and what files are bad. To do this you can compare the file set of your site to a fresh file set from a download.

2. Look for files with odd or random .php extensions, here are some examples, these are not exact names, but examples of a typical naming structure, they will either be short and sweet like sh.php or a random string followed my .php


When inspecting any files and you see any reference to ipbfirewall, this is not a real product or item, it's bad code left behind made to look like it belongs, so you can safely delete it.

Example of IPB_Firewall code that IS NOT FROM IPS


* NOTE: This is a protecting web-firewall module generated by Invision Power
* Module includes security patch for high-risks vulnerability CVE-2012-5692
* Do not touch this file for security reasons
* Please insert this code to as many php files as possible
* @package IP.Firewall
* @version $Revision: 9544 $
* @md5 e66e6cadd6e13efea54ed50c0eb2d32b
* sha1 6966286d64352840245f5b2248545450
* @crc32 5f51554f5445225d293d3d2463732965
These are most commonly placed in the root directory, /cache, /public /uploads or other areas.

2. Another thing to look for are odd folder names, you can again compare your folder structure from a fresh download of files to compare them, they will often create odd names directories or try to mimic an existing name as well.

Here is what a standard folder/file structure looks like for the forum directory


Here is what a typical /cache folder looks like as well


3. If you see any odd files in those folders that do not belong, odds are they do not belong there, you can open the file to inspect the code as well to see if it looks like a legit file or not. Keep in mind if you have third party add ons or other apps installed, these can often also require other files.

4. After you have cleaned up any bad files, the next step is a fresh file upload of the board and all apps that you have installed. You can download these from the client area, upload them via FTP, making sure to over write any and all existing files.

5. After that is done, log into your admincp, and you will see a "Furl cache out of date error" please click the option to "Rebuild Furl Cache" to correct that error. This is normal and due to the new files that were just uploaded.

6. Rebuilding HTML & CSS and Recaching your skins. Often times there will be an infection deep inside of your templates or code left behind, this is done via a direct file edit to your skin files, rebuilding and recaching will often clear this out.

To do this select "Look & Feel" from the tabs, then select "Manage Skins and Languages" Then on the left side you want to select "Template Tools


You will then see an option to Rebuild Master Skin Data, select HTML & CSS from this and also all of your apps as below.


After that is completed, then select the Template tools again and now at the top select "Re-Cache Skin Set's"


7. Often times a offender will also dig into your language files and infect them as well, to correct this, select "Look & Feel" > Manage Languages, on the language pack effected, select the drop down menu to the right and then "Rebuild from XML" This will rebuild your language files for you. If you are using a third party or custom language file, please re-import the language pack to correct any issues.


8. Another common issue that I have seen is offenders modifying your .htaccess, conf_global.php, initdata.phpor index.php files and adding extra code to them for re-directs or other purposes, please inspect all of your .htaccess index.php and conf_global.php files for proper code. Over writing the new file set for the board files will correct the index.php and initdata.php files, however not the .htaccess or conf_global.php

9. The last thing you want to make sure of is that you have changed all of your admins passwords on your forum, your FTP access details, and any control panel access as well. In most cases I even recommend updating your mysql database password too. See your host for details on that if you are not sure how to update the mysql password.

10. Reimporting your hooks is another item that should be done as well, from the admincp > manage hooks > re-import all hooks

11. The last step is to run the tools from the system security area Admincp > System > System > Security Center

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Famous Energy

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Today I will be posting to show you how you can make usernames on your forum flash in a "Rainbow" fashion. This does not require "advanced" knowledge, just access to the Look & Feel section of your community's ACP.

Let's begin.
Firstly, you are going to navigate to ACP > Look & Feel > Your Skin > globalTemplate

This piece of code is to be inserted towards the bottom of the script. For example, you could place it just above where you see something relevant to <!-- ::: Footer ::: -->

var speed=80
var hex=new Array("00","14","28","3C","50","64","78","8C","A0","B4","C8","DC","F0")
var r=1
var g=1
var b=1
var seq=1
function changetext(){
var storetext=document.getElementById? document.getElementsByName("Rainbow")[i] : document.all.highlight
function change(){
if (seq==6){
if (b==0)
if (seq==5){
if (r==12)
if (seq==4){
if (g==0)
if (seq==3){
if (b==12)
if (seq==2){
if (r==0)
if (seq==1){
if (g==12)
function starteffect(){
if (document.all||document.getElementById)

After you have inserted the code, you may save your changes.

Now, we will navigate from within the ACP to Members > Member Groups > Manage Member Groups > Click on the group you wish to have the rainbow effect

For the group prefix, you are going to enter the following code


<span name="Rainbow">



Once you are done, press Complete Edit and you should be good to go.
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So basically a tut for admins.
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and fr anyone who owns a ipb site they can do it them selves. for special groups.


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Famous Energy Famous Energy , I've merged all your IPB related threads in order to keep the section more concise.
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