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Jailbreak Tutorial iOS 12 Developer Jailbreak Achieved (no root as of yet)



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All information is my personal knowledge of what is possible with experience and what I have used the past few days. Read the disclaimer if you do not know what a developer jailbreak is PLEASE...
A developer jailbreak is not an easy process to undergo so please make sure that you know the risks when doing so. Some of which include (boot loop, safe mode constantly, inconsistent results in tweaks that are working, etc...) I do NOT suggest you do this if you are impatient and don't like to follow directions.

Prerequisite files needed: [Click here to view this link], Cydia Impactor, [Click here to view this link], iFunBox, deb file of the tweak you know will work
Prerequisites needed: Mac OS system (preferred)
To get started with this jailbreak make sure to use the following command inside of Terminal on your machine to install "Homebrew" which is listed here inside of the quotations.
//Command (ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" < /dev/null 2> /dev/null)

  1. Install DPKG using Terminal and the command (brew install dpkg)
  2. Perform the command (chmod +x) and drag the patcher file linked above into the Terminal window so that it takes the directory and press enter.
  3. Change the directory to where the patcher is EXAMPLE: desktop, documents, etc... using the command (cd your/path/patcherplus)
  4. Use the command (./patcherplus) when in the directory that it is located.
  5. Follow the Terminal prompts to patch your deb file.
  6. Open iFunBox and go to RawFileSystem and create a folder named (JB, Jailbreak, etc..) that you will remember.
  7. Open the folder of the patched tweak such as Zeppelin or whichever tweak you patched.
  8. Drag the MobileSubstrate, PreferenceLoader, PreferenceBundles and the tweak folder into the JB folder that you created in iFunBox.
  9. Inject GeoFilza using Cydia Impactor.
  10. Run the RootlessJB utility that is found in Ignition.fun
  11. Open GeoFilza and keep the two directories in mind (JB folder: /private/var/mobile/Media/ and Library: /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksupport) The tweaksupport folder will NOT show up if you do not run the RootlessJB exploit application.
  12. Go /private/var/mobile/Media/JB and copy the tweak folder into /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksupport.
  13. Copy the files from /private/var/mobile/Media/JB/MobileSubstrate/dynamic libraries into /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksupport/MobileSubstrate/dynamic libraries.
  14. Copy the files from /private/var/mobile/Media/JB/PreferenceLoader into /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksupport/PreferenceLoader.
  15. Copy the files from /private/var/mobile/Media/JB/PreferenceBundles into /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksupport/PreferenceBundles.
  16. Change the .dylib file(s) permissions to 0777 and the group to (20- staff).
  17. Reboot device and run the jailbreak again then go into your settings and enjoy!

If you do need a video here one is. The video goes through all of the steps mentioned above but if you need a visual aid click the spoiler and follow along.

Credits: Ben Mitchell (video creator)
Jake James (rootlessJB contributor/creator)

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