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Farming Has Never Been So Easy!
Welcome to the Official Borderlands 2 Boosting and Duping Service! In need of a quick level 61? Have you been farming a boss for hours with no luck? Well we can help you with that and much more! Currently there are 14 people that can help you on Xbox, 5 people that can help you on PS3 and 2 people that can hep you on PC. So pick your platform, look for someone with hours that fit yours and hopefully we will be seeing you soon!​
Because there is so much traffic that comes through this thread, it is very easy for your comment to become lost and over looked. If this is the case, please try to tag a specific person in your next reply. You can do so by typing @ before their name. We try to get to everyone we can in a day. Please be patient and understanding.

Can't get anybody to help you here? Try these other services below...
SYN H3AD5H0T's Boosting and Duping Service
CTE84's Sereph Crystals, Torgue Tokens and Eridium Service
If you are from DEFTONED's Youtube looking to help, please send me a PM!
Dropping everything from the Dragon Keep DLC!
7sins members are higher priority than non-members!

All Friend Requests will be Declined
When asking for Mods/Legendarys, Please Be Specific in what you want​
Don't Spam all the accounts at once, give us time to respond​
Do Not lag or freeze the game​
Please State Your Console and GT/PSN/I.D when posting a comment​
3 Strike Ban policy (info below)​

- Instant 61 -​
[5 mins]
- Drop Eridium -​
[1 min]
- Drop All Weapons/Items -​
[2 mins]
- Drop Black Weapons/Items(Hybrids) -​
[5-10 mins]
- Drop All Heads/Skins(Including Vehicles/PN2/Loot Chest Items) -​
[10-15 mins]

For modded weapons go to http://loot.deftoned.com/ and find the mods you want, then post the url of the weapon in your request!

These are not Gamertags
@ Slade
@ bulllridge
@ Extractt
@ AFlabbyP3nguin
@ Outcast
@ Maqiick
@ mastershooter10
@ malikbj
@ Shagadelic
@ ShaftyShamrock1
@ Jedediaah
@ Sparfire
@ tripleBdanmaster
These are not PSNs
@ CTE84
@ xxmajorkillerxx
@ I am Snorlax
@ TheVicious85
PC users can now get their Skill Trees maxed out!​
These are not Steam IDs
@ bulllridge

Remove the "Space" in between the @ and the members name to tag them.​
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