Installing the Cyclowiz Modchip in the Nintendo Wii

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    Installing the Cyclowiz Modchip in the Nintendo Wii

    So, you recently acquired a Cyclowiz modchip (available at along with other vendors) and need help installing it. Well have no fear here is a step-by-step write up on how to mod your Wii to play backups and homebrew! If you have not yet ordered a modchip, I would suggest you read through this walk through first, that way you buy everything you need up front!

    First acquire the right tools. Opening the Wii requires a special driver.

    You will need the following to open your Wii:
    • Extra-Small Phillips head screwdriver (Jeweler's driver)​
    • Small Phillips head screwdriver (Tech Driver)​
    • Tri-Wing Driver. Make sure you have an actual driver and not just a tri-wing security bit. The Wii has some deep holes that will not accommodate a normal "bit driver". Check with your modchip vendor to see if they offer a suitable driver. Always make sure you have the correct tools before you start.​
    and since the makers ask you to install a switch to enable "write" mode, and doesn't include those parts, you will need to purchase ​
    Second Disassemble the Wii

    There are several sites that walk you through opening the Wii. I suggest before you even start "field stripping" your Wii, you read through the great walkthrough at After you have read through that, you should be prepared to open yours. Follow that guide to disassemble your Wii, make sure to STOP after step 13. You do not need to completely disassemble your console to install the Cyclowiz modchip. (WARNING, when removing the cables from the underside of your DVD drive, use caution when lifting the ribbon cable catch! Do not simply pull the ribbon cable out, you could break this connector!)


    Once you have the DVD drive removed from the Wii, you will need to remove the black plastic piece that runs along the front of the Wii. There are three screws holding this in. (Caution, make sure to note the location of the small nut on the side. This will fall out when you remove this piece). ​

    Third install the modchip
    The nice thing about the Cyclowiz is that the chip includes "Quick-Solder" points to make installing the chip easy. The bad thing is they do not exactly line up perfectly -- and to be honest I hate "Quick-Solder" points anyway. Do yourself a favor and line up the chip as they show in their documentation. Go ahead and solder both the full circle "Quick Solder" points (V & G) as these line up well, and the points on the DVD are large. Then use your kynar wire to connect the other three points, cut 3 2" lengths and presolder both ends off all three strips. Solder all three wires to the motherboard first, and then connect each one back to the modchip. (points A, B, & C)​


    Cut a nice long piece of kynar and pre-solder one end. This will be our disable wire, and you will need to solder this to the middle lead on the reset switch button. Cut this wire to length giving yourself enough room to work with, (but as little as possible) and solder to point Z.
    Lastly we need to install the switch to enable upgrade functionality. Connect point S from the modchip to point S on the DVD drive. Then cut two 1ft lengths of kynar wire and presolder one end of both lengths. Solder one wire to point T and the other wire to point X. Tape these wires together at three points :: at each ends of the wires, and once in the middle. Leave this part or right now. ​

    Loosely reassemble and power up for test
    Before you reassemble your Wii, you will want to test your modchip install. Connect all internal wires and cables -- Cables from DVD drive to motherboard and the front bezel. ​


    Then connect your Wii to power, if everything is installed correctly a green led will be glowing on the cyclowiz. If you do not see a green LED, unplug and then double check your connections and solder joints. ​

    If your LED is glowing green congrats you are ready to reassemble your Wii. Don't forget the small nut on the side when you put that black plastic piece back!​

    The two wires that you have taped together will need to be connected to a switch that you mount externally. I suggest hollowing out one of the vents on the "bottom" side of your Wii, and mounting the switch there. You will then need to keep your Wii laying flat, instead of upright.​

    Cyclowiz Modchip Review

    Performance (8/10)
    As of right now, we are running v1 chips, running v1 code. I can say this, luckily this chip is upgradeable. In our tests we have had about 80% success rate running backups. I have noticed some "choppy-ness" to cut scenes. Team Cyclops has addressed this and has released information that a firmware upgrade is coming soon.​

    Quality (6/10)
    As you can see from the pictures above (not to mention the text) the quick solder joints are all but worthless. If you are going to advertise that as one of your main features, then you should make sure that it works well. I cannot stress this enough -- DO NOT USE THE QUICK SOLDER pads (at least for points A, B, & C) go ahead and use wires. And come on TeamCyclops, include the wires and switch! That was a huge oversight in my opinion. It wasn't any big deal, because I had the materials on hand already, but it would have been nice to include.​

    Features (9/10)
    If I were to buy a chip right now, it would still be the Cyclowiz chip. The fact that the chip is upgradeable via DVD is a huge plus in my book. All the rest of the features (boot backups, GC homebrew, etc) are all to be expected from a modchip.​

    Conclusion = Buy it.
    If you cant wait for v2 chips to come out (who knows when that will be) this would be the chip I would buy. It was easy to install, and it is upgradable.​

    This tutorial was made by hevnsnt

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    Wow, VERY complete tutorial! I don't have this modchip but I'm thinking about buying it.

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