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Working *INSANE* Brand New Unlimited SKILL POINTS Glitch - Max Out All Trees! ALL PLATFORMS.

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Tutorial is straight forward in the video but I will list here some tips if you are struggling to get this working and need more lag.

- Have the host of your game change his matchmaking region in their console settings to Australia, or anywhere far from your location, restart the game and invite you back.

- Have the host spam LB & RB (L1 & R1) in his vault menu as you are adding the skill points, this can create lots of menu lag.

- Drop as many legendaries on the floor as you possibly can, 200+ will work well, you can easily make hundreds of copies of weapons in minutes by spamming A/X while depositing weapons into your vault (cant be host for this). You can combine all these methods but if it's still not enough, get the host to download a large game from his games & apps.

- Use modded items, like over the top grenades or preferrably super high fire rate modded weapons like the Web Slinger shown in the video. I know everyone doesn't have these modded items but I do weekly drops on Xbox if you want them for yourself. More info in the video description.

That's all I can really contribute at this time but those are just some things that may help out as I know people have and will struggle with this, I myself was one but after 3 hours trying it with my subcribers I whipped out the Web Slinger as a last resort and got it to work on the first try and then 3 times back to back straight after, so it definitely does the job. Hope this helps a few of you out, I'd get on it fast before it's patched. Enjoy! :smile:
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