Tutorial Infinite Picrites on Pokemon Picross


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For This You'll Need
  • Pokemon Picross
  • SaveDataFiler (or another way to extract and import your save)
  • HxD
  1. Start a file and get some Picrites. You get plenty from the tutorial world.
  2. Extract your save. The ID on SaveDateFiler 017C1. I'm unsure of other regions.
  3. Open the "all.dat" file in HxD.
  4. Go to Offset 00000B40. The offset is shown on the left side of the screen if you're unsure as to where you should be looking.
  5. Edit the four numbers highlighted to FF FF. The values shown below will be different since we likely don't have the same number of Picrites.
  6. Save the edits. Then in SaveDataFiler, delete the secure value on your Pokemon Picross game (by pressing R+X when you have it highlighted) and import your save
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