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Tutorial In depth tutorial on how to make a typographic wallpaper.


Jack !!

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How to make typography Background by Jack

Step one: making the background.

First off you want to start with the main background colour I’m going to be using a black background with slightly lighter black gradient to add a small amount of lighting.

This is for my laptop so the size will only be 1366 x 768 but you can use whatever size your desktop is.

You want to set your foreground colour to be #181818 and the Back ground colour to be #000000.

Then after selecting those two colours select your gradient tool and create the gradient form the centre of your document upwards or form the bottom upwards.


Step two: Creating a template.

The easiest way to make the template is to use the text tool and select a letter or number and use the as a template you can use any colour for your template other than White or Black, I’m going to be using red set the word/number to any size that you want, and choose a font’s that makes the text look fat so that you can fit a decent amount of words into it, I’m using Century Gothic and setting it to bold. Then lower the opacity to around 20% - 25% since this is going to be your guide line.


Step Three: Placing the text into the template.

Now this is a very time consuming part, I’m going to be using the lyrics form Suicide Silence - Bludgeoned to Death.

Also to make the text stand out more you can increase the size of some on the words and maybe even change the font for some words that you may want to stand out some more, I’m going to be sticking to the same font and just changing the size just to save time.



Step Four: Colouring the Text.

Now that you’ve filled the Template with your chosen words you can lower the opacity down to 2% - 5% this way it will give you some sort of boarder around your text.


Now you want to group all of your text and duplicate them by duplicating the group then click ok when the dialog box appears. Then after duplicating your layer you want to right click and merge group. This will add all the text into one layer, now that they are all one layer you can hide your original text for now.

Now select the layer style of your merged layer you can now add a gradient overlay, (Layer >Layer Style > Gradient Overlay), I used a nice Red # b81919 for the top and then fading into a lighter red/pinkie #e0bebe.



Step five: Adding a title to your background

I’m going to be using the title of the song that I chose but you can use whatever title you want. I’m going to still be using Centruy Gothic, with the main colour as the nice red I found (b81919)


Step Six: Adding texture to the text and background

to add texture to the background and text you can find a nice rough metal or grungy background and place it over the top of your document, you want to de-saturise the new background you added and set it to overlay.


Step Seven: Colouring

in this final step this will add some more colours to your background and everything else below. you want to create a new layer for your background with your two used colours for example mine where (b81919 , #e0bebe) now go to Filter > Render > Clouds , after adding this layer with the filter you will have a nice mix of the two colours on your back ground set it to over lay and turn down the opacity to whatever looks good I used 11%

Now you want to add another layer with the background colour as white and do the same again, Filter > Render > Clouds and change the layer to overlay and turn down the opacity this time to around 20% I used 17%


Simple Ehh ?

This took me over two hours to finish the tutorial and final product, +Rep and feedback would be HIGHLY appreciated.


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Remove the backround B, great tutorial.


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Jack this is an amazing tutorial! i saw something like this before & i wanted to know how to do it and now i do. Thanks!

i +repped you

Jay 7S

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Great tut, nice work man

Jack !!

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Thank's :biggrin: , post your results if you want :smile:
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