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    I wanted to export a X80, modded it and headed out, but once I was out of my vehicle warehouse I noticed that mission didn't start, I went back inside expecting the car to be gone (because GTA will screw you over any chance it gets) but the original X80 was still there, I sold it as normal and when I came back the duped one still didn't despawn. I can't go into LSC or put it in my garage, my guess is it still counts as a mission vehicle. Can I exploit this somehow? Currently I still have the vehicle and I don't wanna waste it if I can benefit from it.

    Edit: after cruising around in it for a while, marker for a buyer appeared in the map, I went there expecting to sell the same car twice but it just drove into the garage and thats it. I didn't get any money, no messages, no notifications, no calls. I don't know what caused this glitch and if it has any use, maybe some dedicated people can research this further.
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