If You can help me, i will give you 800 Microsoft Points

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    Hey. I have everything setup for bridging correctly, but for some reason i just dont get host. I know its all set up right because ive had a few other friends who bridge go through teamviewer on my computer and try to figure it out but they cant. My setup is like this: Modem->Router->Laptop->Xbox. My xbox is directly hooked into my xbox and the connections are bridged. Everything works fine i can play on xbox live and i know that zone alarm affects my connections to xbox and everything works correctly but i just dont get host. If you can help me through teamviewer and talk to me over xbox live while we figure it out, i will give you 800 points and many thanks. I also have commview setup and it tells me all the ips and stuff coming through.

    Note: Teamviewer is a program that you dont really even need to download to use and it gives you total access to my computer directly from yours. You need to be really experienced and know what your doing well. PM if you can help with your gamertag

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