If you can help me/carry me to a 50 by tonight..

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    If you can help me/carry me to a 50 by tonight in Doubles..

    I will gladly return the favor by giving you my booster account, that has about 3 weeks left. You tell me what playlist you want the account to be -150 to -200 EXP in, i'll spend the time to get it that far back.

    Prefer a player who is a 50 to help me.

    here is my booster account, Bungie.net : Halo 3 Service Record of totai fat

    already has -20 EXP in Team Slayer. I'll get it to negative 150-200 EXP in any playlist you want.

    But you must help me get to a 50 first.

    on right now, and will be on for a while.

    add the second account in my Sig, and send a message.

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