Discussion If anyone here is still playing, what do you think on the season pass system?

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Personally, I just started to work on it today and have completed about 15 sections. I can't stand this new system, everyone unlocked everything at the same time and there are very few things that make people different. And only getting one tier per level is just a long slog to get to tier 100. This isn't even mentioning that there are only 30 ranks so you have to prestige at least 3 times in order to complete it.

I would be a little more okay with it if I wasn't encountering server connection issues that make it so I can only play 1out of 20 multiplayer and 1 out of 5 firefight games. Also if they gave us 2 or 3 tokens per rank, I would enjoy it 10x more.

What do you guys think?


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I hate it. That's all. Takes to long and I don't have enough time to complete a "battle pass" for every game I play. I'll go back to OG Reach if I want to use all the armor. They should of just gave it all to us right away.
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