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ICG Clan looking for more members



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I am the leader of newer clan on 360 (Immortal-Carnage-Gaming). We are looking for quality players that can be active and good for the clan. We have a website and about 50 members so far. Hold tournaments for new Recruits or inter squad members. Prizes could be from ms points, xbox live, n hopefully soon turtle beaches.

Requirements for joining...

* Have Mic.
* Meet Acquired age limit. (If cant make age we have a youth squad for younger gamers. )
* Be active and participate in clan operations such as meetings, practice, so on.
* Be active on the clan website

If you would like to join or would like more info send me PM or msg me on live Gamertag is ( ICG LEGIT )
Also if you would like to no the website google immortal carnage gaming or pm for link.
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