Unsolved I want to play zombies on a cracked game

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    hey guys! i am currently downloading bo3 and it's a cracked version, but i am only downloading it for the offline zombies(going to play only zombies). i tried searching if it's possible and people are telling that you need to use cheat engine and stuff to make it work! and there are others who say you dont need to use cheatengine cause you can play offline without it(i think because of some update maybe) i really confused and searching for help on this, do i need to do the cheat engine thing? or when i open the game i can directly play zombies offline,plz help,tnx.
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    Cheat Engine can be used to edit values made in-game to achieve whatever the desired result is. As for affecting the usage of the game itself, you don't need it to run the game. However, as is the case with a lot of cracked games, you may not be able to connect to online servers, and even in that instance, Cheat Engine would be useless.

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