I Need Team Slayer Booster

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  1. Devong32

    Devong32 Newbie

    I need a booster with 3 or 2 controllers and someone to be on the winning eam with me or 2 people cuz i only have 1 other controler and i could prolly get another one.
    I am a 47 in Team Slayer but i went down to a 46 and im stuck there. I pay the boosting person a 1 month to boost me. Send me a message when you add me so i dont decline the friend request.

    So if ur interested, add me:

    My Current EXP:

    Total Matchmade Games:

    My Ranks:
    -Team Slayer: 47 (went down to 46)
    -Team Doubles: 30
    -Team Snipers: 15
    -Team Swat: 15

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