i need realy big help!

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  1. BSDarkness

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    im making a halo 2 modding site i need mor epost's and tuts in it just pm if you want to help and i will answer any questions thank you:thumbup:

  2. TroyMac1ure

    TroyMac1ure Enthusiast

    There's some good ones out there already. This one is still busy but mostly by newer users.

    www.remnantmods.com is still active by a very knowledgable group :cool:
    www.rework3d.com is all the info that got saved when Halomods went the way of the buffalo
    www.halomods.com now known as www.modnexus.com still alive, but issues between admin & power users

    I rarely check this site anymore and don't post updates hardly at all, but for those interested, visit remnantmods for the latest Entity versions.

    Currently Entity is sitting at v2.1.6 and has many more updates & bug fixes then the last one I posted here. If someone wants to post the newest versions here, by all means. I just spend more time fixing Entity then I do posting now...

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