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Discussion I need help with tank build.


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Hi guy I want to tank really good I need help in creating a very good tank build..

I am a level 26 orc templar and I like self healing mixed with team healing but I want to be able to do damage as wel especially if I am playing solo.. im new at MMO and RPG games all together so please keep that in mind when choosing slang that more advanced players would know.. I didn’t even know what tanking or healing was so that’s how much of a noob I am.

Again please if you guys can help out I would truly appreciate it! I have tried youtube and a lot of it is out dated and not as good since latest patches (so I have been told) i also Do not want to start a new character because I already invested a good amount of time in this character..

Summary: I want a tank build I can heal mysef and my team and do some type of damage while barely taking any..(if this part is possible lol)
I also would like to be able to survive and get through quests solo meaning I wanna be able to do damage and heal incase I have to play alone. Thank you guys very much.
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