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Solved I need help buying a Jtag

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Hey sinners, I need to some jtag help. This guy is selling a jtag for 150 USD, and this is the discription "This has the 6717 blade dash and is a cooler running temperature with the Jasper processor CHIP." Now i've heard about Jaspers and other Jtags like the Xenon, and i know that people have told me go with the Xenon because it can take type 1 and 2 KV's when running 10th lobbies online. But i also heard that Jaspers can be good for this to?

Questions :

-Is a Jasper better then Xenon? (when running 10th Lobbies)
-Which would you recommend me getting?
-Is this a good price if i do get the jasper? (150$ USD)
-What are the differences between a Jasper and Xenon?
-Can the jasper use type 1 and 2 KV's too?
-And if they cant, is it really that hard to find someone that sells the one type of KV you need?

Thanks for your support ! I WILL GIVE REP TO THE BEST SUPPORTER !


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Nobody is going to sell you a Jasper for 150 dollars unless there something wrong with it.

A jasper can not take type 1 KV's it can only take type 2 KV's
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