I need a 45-49 (any playlist) - big reward (details inside) Canadian codes only!

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  1. sapphire25

    sapphire25 Newbie

    I need a level 45-49 on my two accounts in ANY ranked playlist (whatever you feel confortable with).
    You can boost me legit or some other way. (I'll leave it up to you)

    Also, I only have Canadian codes (because I don't live in the us (or wherever you live), duh!) so don't ask me to order us (or other foreign region) codes because it will take forever to arrive at my door.

    If you accidentally boosted me and gave you Canadian codes and it doesn't work for you...well I can't do anything about it...

    The reward...
    12+1 (13)Month (Canadian) Code, 2x 2800 (5600)MSP (Canadian) Codes

    If you have any questions or add something in the reward...

    PM me|Add or message me via XBL
    GT = TrancePhorm
  2. FaLCo

    FaLCo Enthusiast

    Wow, you lied and said that your "cousin" who is a "pro" was going to do it so you didnt my service.
  3. iMxReVeNg3

    iMxReVeNg3 Newbie

    Dont any kind of membership codes work in any country? Because I no I can use USA codes and im british.

    So If you make the 12+1Month code canadian, youll then be able to use canadian Microsoft Points.

    Ill be willing to boost you PM me on AIM or on here.

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