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Solved I keep loading into a solo public session. How can I change this?

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When I go on gta 5 on my rgh Xbox 360 I load in to a solo session every time how come?

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More than likely slow internet speed or router speed aka lag.
It could also be caused by your mods being turned on which creates a bit of lag as well.
Are you using WiFi or a LAN cable to connect to your internet?
How do old is your router?
What is your “NAT” type?
Connecting with a LAN cable will reduce any lag you may get from slow internet service or an old router.
Do you have your mods turned on before joining online?
I sometimes have this issue on PC when I have my mods turned on.
It can also be caused by other modders in public lobbies which creates lag as well.
What I usually do is play one hole of golf and it will load me into a more full public session once I have completed it.
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I have same problem on ps3. That's cause modder in public lobby and sometimes NAT have problem. I didn't use ps3 that much because its very old and have a lots of problem with freeze.
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Old gen gta5 have a lots of problem, be aware because its nothing fun playing to do except if have serependity mod menu then it will have a fun with tp everywhere, god mode, modify vehicle, modded outfit and etc. Drop bag of money and increase to level 8000, that was lots of fun for me way back for used serependity mod menu.
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