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Question I dunno what happened to my rgh console HELP!



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so I updated my dashboard through some tutorial and it worked I used proto and had gold and could play games online perfectly but then I ordered BO2 hardened edition it came today and I put it in and the disc wouldn't run I thought it was scratched so I wiped it nothing. Then I checked the discs files through XEX-menu and it was corrupt so I shut my console down and turn it on. But the console would not turn on the green button light was on but then I checked the glitch chip RGH 2 btw and it was green then flashed twice then red I waited an hour and still nothing so I try a blank.ini still nothing. I then tried launching through the disc drive nothing no xell I take the hard drive out because its a slim NOTHING I don't know what that bo2 did but I need help and yes its a real copy ANYONE KNOW THE FIX I BEG I also got this of a person on Facebook marketplace and i have no way to reflash unless I can do it without the original flasher. Anyone know what happened if so is there a fix?
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