I Can Still Bridge and Standby For Host!

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    Mmk, I have not posted a thread or comment forever, so I am really trying to help you out, for those who want to bridge themselves host. Or if you want to standby!

    Ok, first, I just have to say that I have NOT bridged my connections, yet this still works. My setup is:

    Xbox to switch>PC to switch>Switch to Modem>Modem to router.

    Also, my PC is NOT on wireless connection. It goes straight to the switch.
    Another thing is, I have two "Lag Switches" that filter hosts somehow (it does work)

    One lag switch goes from Xbox to switch. And the other one is the one from the switch to the modem. This does work, at least for me! Now, onto the real stuff...

    Alright, once you have it all set up, sign into xbox live and go into Halo 2. It should let you sign into xbox live. Make sure BOTH Lag Switches are on the "Internet on" position, meaning to let the internet flow, giving you the internet. Once you sign in, you will need to go into the game you want to get host/standby for host on. Once you are in, open up zone alarm, make sure you have all of the IP's you need except your IP. Make sure you still have the modem's IP's though. Next, go to the firewalls tab and set it to "Internet Zone: High" "Trusted Zone: Medium" Make sure you have a friend to bridge and that he made the game, and also, you have him IP. Once he made the game, join him WITH the firewall on high, and it should let you join. Start the game and he will get host EVERY SINGLE GAME! But, after it goes to step four, you will need to put your internet and trusted to "off".

    To standby for host, you will need your friend's IP. Once you have it, make a game and let your friend(s) join. Ok, now Put your Internet to high, Trusted to off. Start the search. Once you get box host, turn the Internet to medium and Trusted to medium. Once you find players, and it goes to step three, wait for the boxes to disappear and then QUICKLY change the internet to high, trusted still on medium. Then, RIGHT when it hits step four, change internet to off, and trusted should also automatically go to off. You are done! Now you know how to get host EVERY game, with no mistakes. I had this work in team double 30 out of 31 times! And I missed once because I forget to put the firewall to off! THIS DOES WORK!

    I hope you enjoyed this lengthy tutorial and please leave a comment if you have any questions or comment. If you are confused, please leave a comment. If this works for you, please tell me!! Hope you enjoyed:biggrin:

    Q & A

    Q. I am not signing into Xbox live
    A. Make sure you have internet on your computer, and that both Lag Switches have internet flow through them

    Q. Can I get banned for this?
    A. Nope, now Bungie just host bans you for bridging.

    Q. Do I need to bridge my connections?
    A. Nope! There is no need to bridge connections.

    Q. What programs do I need?
    A. You need Commview (optional), Zone Alarm Pro (ZAP), and Cain and Able (Cain).

    Q. Do I need a wirless card for my PC?
    A. No! This is for wired!

    Q. How many Ethernet ports do I need on my PC?
    A. One! Only one! No need for installing anymore!

    Q. Will this work for my Laptop?
    A. Yes! This will work for ANY type of laptop or computer

    Q. Will this work for Vista or XP?
    A. Both! Cain and ZAP are both compatible with Vista and XP.
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    you were describing how to bridge just like before the update so I know that you cant do that. Also standbying for host doesnt work in double team because the game loads to fast.
  4. OP
    Hi iTz Virus

    Hi iTz Virus Banned

    You can just hit the "end" button, and then "home". Once that is done, and you go to step 4, you WILL get host, 100%! It does work, I got 16 games straight with host.
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    Msg me on XBL. HanKleach gt

  6. Thug

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    hey guys
    I need some people to standby/boot/bridge to 50 in mlg in halo 3
    i have everything set up so i am undetectible.
    i can give anyone host, except myself.
    i need someone to recieve host and lag switch or boot.
    please message me back i need help asap.
    gamertag: reed tha thug

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