I can standby if you can bridge me in doubles

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    I don't use auto-standby programs or nothing fancy like that, I just hit the standby button on my router, kill whoever is by me, then his the button again so it turns back on. It is effective and we will win every match we play, as long as you can give me host.

    I'm a 44 in doubles and will stop standbying when I hit a 50. You can get some easy wins and some rank ups while you are playing with me though. I'm planning on keeping my account until I sell my xbox so, I will only go up a couple ranks a day so I'm not standbying for three hours straight.

    Anyways, if you want to help out, send me a private message with your GT and I will add you, or just post your gamertag here so I can add you.

    Oh yeah, I have over 800 exp so if you have a low amount of exp, you can get a lot of easy levels...

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