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    I followed the UMPv4 tutorial on how to play as a hunter in MP perfectly. When I went to play the map that i made me beable to be a hunter (containment) when the countdown got to 0 my xbox1 froze. I ftp it and resigned it why is it freezing?

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    Follow this tut.(I did not make this tut)

    Programs needed for this tutorial:

    Maps needed:
    Any multiplayer map
    Single player map: 03a_oldmombasa

    Step 1:
    Open up Insolence and open up

    Step 2:
    Open the multiplayer map you wish to play as a Hunter on.

    Step 3:
    On the 03a_oldmombasa window select the bipd tag. You should see the Hunter

    tag: objects/characters/hunter/hunter.
    Left click and drag it over to the multiplayer map.

    A statusbox will appear and show you what Insolence is currently doing. You

    will get a pop-up saying to locate the file. Find

    this and allow Insolence to finish. Insolence may appeared to have frozen,

    just leave it be. I tend to leave it for 10 mins and when I get back it is


    Step 4:
    Once the Hunter bipd tag has been transfered across to the multiplayer map

    you can close the single player map 03a_oldmombasa. However the Hunter is no

    where near playable yet.

    Step 5 Replacing Multiplayer Character:
    Locate the [bipd] tag and click on the character you want to replace with a

    Hunter. I am using an Elite.
    Click on the 'edit mode' to change to dev mode. Now click 'all dependencies'.
    Now on 'Object Properties' change the objects\characters\elite\elite to

    Now if you play as an Elite you will be a hunter.

    Step 6 Placing Hunter's Weapon on the map:
    Open the [itmc] tag. This shows the list of the all weapons placed on the

    map. Choose which one you want to replace with the hunters weapon. I am using

    the Plasma Pistol.
    Click Item Permutations, then visible dependencies, it should say

    Double click this and change it to

    The plasma pistol has been replaced with the Hunter's weapon!

    However the plasma pistol will not show up on the map.
    Don't worry though! If you walk over where the plasma pistol should be on the

    map, if you are playing as a Hunter, you will automatically pick up the

    particle cannon and be able to perform melee attacks!

    Step 7 Fixing Sounds:
    Open the [hlmt] tag and click on objects/characters/hunter/hunter to open it.

    Click the 'edit mode' again to change to dev mode.
    Under Reflexives select variation. Then click all dependencies.
    You should now see a table with sound/dialog/combat/hunter.
    Double click it and select Nulled Out.
    Now open the [bipd] tag and select the hunter. Click visible dependencies.

    Change the variable effects/materials/objects/characters/hunter to


    Step 8 Weapon Sounds:
    Click on the [weap] tag and click the

    Under Reflexives, select Attachments and change

    sound/weapons/hunter_cannon/hunter_cannon_loop/hunter_cannon_loop to Nulled


    Step 9 Fixing the Weapon Projectile:
    Open the [proj] tag and click


    Click Visual Dependencies, and find

    sound/weapons/hunter_cannon/hunter_cannon_flyby. Change this to Nulled Out.


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