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Working How to wallbreach glitch almost anywhwere in MWZ (Scorcher Method)



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Yo Yo HOVGtv here back again in forums its been a minute but im still out here survin the times.
I wanted to bring you all a tutorial on how to wall breach in the mwz game mode, allowing you to create pile ups and getting to secret areas.

Step 1- Get a scorcher
Step 2 - Find a ceiling or anything above you that will obstruct you from jumping (do not crouch for this glitch)
Step 3 - Proceed to scorch yourself/breach through the ceiling by blasting that thing about two times and you should be in the wall breaches like seen in the video above.
Step 4 - Rinse and repeat use with the exfil glitch and or dupe some of your inventory and go back to the same spot and do it again :smile:

Hope you all enjoy and are able to check this one out as always peace and love se7en sins, Ill be back again soon.
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