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How to use public Css/1.6 Hacks

Discussion in 'Gaming Archive' started by EroiK95, Feb 4, 2010 with 3 replies and 535 views.

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  1. EroiK95

    EroiK95 Newbie

    How to use public/private hacks:

    * Download a hack of your Choice from the VAC2 Proof Hack Releases Section
    * Remember to scan the hack, JUST to be sure
    * When you have the .zip or .rar file which contains the content for the hack, extract the content with WinRar or any software that can do so
    * Make sure your hack and it's content/files are in a folder of it's own, and not mixed with any other misc stuff that could intefer
    * Once that is done, load up the hack, it will be the .exe file which excutes the hack, and will bring up a menu, explaining/showing any information about the hack
    * Once that's up, load your Counterstrike:Source up and just wait
    * Once your on the Counterstrike menu, you will have a console for the hack with again, all the information
    * From this, enter a game, pick your team, and play as you like
    * Remember to use the 'Insert' button on your keyboard to activate/deactivate the hack menu within the game

    Thanks for reading..!


  2. littleclatchy

    littleclatchy Enthusiast

  3. s1mple

    s1mple Newbie

    just load it up and play!!
  4. Knightmayor1

    Knightmayor1 Newbie

    Myg0t.com is where I used to get all my hacks their private **** is premo

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