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Tutorial How to use a USB to play games on a Jailbroken PS3

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Hey guys. I'm going to teach ya'll how to use a PS3 to mount and play your games on a Jailbroken PS3.

Things you need:
  • mulitman or irisman
  • USB (8GB or more)
  • guiFormat.exe

1. First you need to download and install mulitiman or irisman to your PS3. You can Google them and get them. :smile:

2. Next, download this file and open it. (Download , Virus Scan).

3. You need to back up and files you have on your USB. You can open your USB Drive on your computer and drag all files to your Desktop.

4. Once you have backed up all your files you need to go back to your guiformat.exe and plug in your USB. The program should find the drive that was just connected. If not just find it and you will be fine.

5. Once you picked it you now need to click Start on the tool. This will format you hardrive and everything will gone. (Good thing we backup)

6. Once it is done you should have a blank hard drive. Open it and make a new folder called GAMEZ. Type is like that with all CAPS.

7. Now move your files you back up to a folder called "Old Files".

8. Get the game you want to move and move it to your "GAMEZ" folder you just made.

9. Once done that, plug your USB into your PS3 and go to mulitiman or irisman.

8. Refresh and you should see your game. You can mount it and play it with your USB now. :smile:

I hope this helped! :smile:


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I use multiman, and I always had it "GAMES" on my USB and it works
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