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How to unbanned/unsuspended from Runescape

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I find this is the only legt way to get un-banned from runescape..

What we do is, visit the runescape.com privacy policy, now that we have done that, at the very end of the little post, we can now veiw they're phone number : 0844 588 8880
The phone number is : 0844 588 8880

Now we have their phone number, we now must have a legit excuse.

Hello, am I speaking with Jagex game studios, or a Administrator of the game Runescape.com?

What they should answer is: Yes/One second, please hold, you are now being forwarded to what you requested!

Now what you say is: Well, i've been on vacation for about 1-3 weeks, and I was having a great time, enjoying life, getting away from Runescape just for a little bit. Well, when I returned home, logging in to my account was not pleasent, I found out I was been for Macroing. Well, then, I scanned my computer and I noticed I had been keylogged. I am not a botter, but I have been keylogged and the hacker has been botting on my account im guessing.

I know you guys are just doing your jobs, and trying to stop the massive ammount of macros, but can you please look into further detail, because I have not ever macroed/autoed oof any sort.

Now i'm sure your wondering that, what if they check my IP, then what? They will see that no Ip's have been connected to my accounts other then mine.

If this is the case, because you don't use proxys, simply change up a few things to say that a younger sibling of yours managed to open up your documents folder, then going to the runescape file where you keep details, receipts of your account, and he managed to get your password.

As stated above I did mention a PROXY, well a proxy is a program/site used to hide your original IP adress.
If you don't use proxys while botting, please do not use the keylogger excuse as then JAGEX will look into your used IP adress, and find out only 1 IP has connected to your account.

Side notes:

About maybe once a month, call jagex and inform them that you are constantly being Hacked. Aswell as telling them that your accounts are possibly going to be hacked, and that someone might be abusing bugs, or disobeying rules.

Notes: They are not idiots, and I inform you that you need to use some good grammar, and possibly sounded shocked, or sad.

How to do this: Get 2 tissue sheets, twist them, but a little water on them, and then put them into your nose. Now talk to them.

I hope this helps you, as it has only helped me 1 time.
Please do not use that exact same example I gave, just change somethings up a bit.


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Oh my god :smile: It worked! Hahah :biggrin: I had to use the Details in the My Documents folder excuse to get them to unban me :smile:

Thanks man!
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