How to SSH in to an ipod touch

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    • Must be jailbroken
    Part 1: Installing OPEN SSH
    (If you already have open ssh installed on your ipod skip to part 2)

    Step 1: Open Cydia

    Step 2: click Sections (along the bottom) then "All Packages" in the list

    Step 3: locate and click Open SSH

    Step 4: click install in the top right corner

    Step 5: click Confirm in the top right corner

    Step 6: let it download

    Step 7: After it finishes reloading the data click return to cydia

    There will not be an icon or make any visible change but trust me its there.

    Part 2: SSHing in to your ipod using winscp

    Step 1: under settings set auto lock to never

    Step 2: open win scp

    Step 3: under host name type your ipods local ip address
    under user name type "root"
    under password type "alpine"
    You may save or login

    You may get a few errors or access denied codes
    just run it again you will get in eventually 3rd time is usually a charm but any more then 5 theres something wrong

    When you are in it should look something like this

    Please note that this tutorial is meant to be a reference from other tutorials so I can simply say "ssh in to your ipod (if you don't have it installed fallow this tut to get it)" I realize this seems like a pointless tutorial but it is needed so more complex tutorials don't end up being to lengthy and confusing.
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    i keep getting connection refused.

    nvm its becuase im not on the same router as my ipod.
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    Thanks i forgot the password for this lol ,

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