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Tutorial How to setup Burp Suite with your Xbox one



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  1. Download and install Burp Suite from here | Virus Scan
  2. Navigate to the proxy tap at the top of the program, followed by the options tab
  3. Select Import/Export CA Certificate
  4. Export the certificate in DER format then click the next button
  5. Export the file with the name "FiddlerRoot.cer" without quotes
  6. Complete the certificate export process
  7. Now go back to the options tab you were in, in step 2 and click the "Edit" button for the default interface
  8. Select the "all interfaces" option under the bind to address option, then select "OK"
  9. Now connect your console to the dev portal
  10. Select the network tab
  11. Navigate to the fiddler tracing section, and select the FifflerRoot certificate that you extracted earlier
  12. Enter the local IP of your PC. If you do not know this open up a command prompt on your system and run the "ipconfig" command
  13. set 8080 as your port
  14. Now select enable and wait for your console to restart
  15. ???
  16. Profit

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Please note that I did not create this, all I did was write a guide on how to achieve this. Turnip did the heavy lifting
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