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Discussion How To Safely Do A License Transfer

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How To Safely Let A Person License Transfer Your Account

Before you read any of this, nothings safe when giving your account to another person. This is purely to make things, somewhat safe. Ive seen a lot of members ask to do the license transfer lately. It's understandable that a lot of members refuse this as they don't want to risk there gametag being taken. Well here's a few safety tips for anyone who is wanting to do this. People say this can result in a ban, but ive never come across this. There's a reason you can only do it every 4 months.

Information about the license transfer.
This doesn't take your DLC off your profile, it just simply shares it with another user.
You can only do it once every 4 months
This allows the person to play your DLC without having your profile on there xbox

Xbox's full description of a license transfer.


Before doing the license transfer, you will need to add security to your email encase the user you are letting do the transfer with decides to take your account. The best way to add security to your account is through the hotmail that is linked to your xbox live account.

Step 1: Head over to your msn hotmail. This normally is msn.co.uk or msn.com

Step 2: Sign in with your email account. Make sure it's the email linked to your xbox live account

Step 3: You now want to head over to your account settings. Here's a quick link to it. LINK

Step 4: Now start to add what security you want. I advise making two secondary emails to add to the account. This means if your account is taken. You can request a new password to these accounts. advise adding your phone number alongside this aswell. You can add more security if you choose but that's the best few in my opinion.

There's more security options that you can do on your xbox 360. I advise looking at them as well.

Things I Wouldn't Have When Doing The Transfer/ When Allowing Another Person On Your Account

These are some of the things i wouldn't have on the account when doing the transfer.

  • Don't have a credit card on the account when allowing someone to do this. I don't think i need to explain why. If your wanting to do this with someone but have one on, just head over to the xbox.com and remove the card from your account. It can always be readded so it's not a big deal.
  • Try to not have microsoft points on the account while doing this. You don't want to be phoning microsoft up saying your poed.ints have been taken from your account. I advise buying what your are wanting beforehand or just holding off till the content you are wanting comes out.
  • Don't have personal messages or messages that you would deem private on your account. You don't want people snooping around where there nose isn't want
What To Do After The Person Has Licensed Transferred Your Account

Once you have finished your license transfer and downloaded everything you need or they have, the first thing you will want to do is change your password (This can be done as soon as they download your profile). You can either change it on your xbox or change it over msn. I advise doing over msn. Just go to the account settings again and you will be able to change your password.

Now we still have the problem with your account still on there xbox. Once you have changed your password. Go to your xbox, then account settings. There's an option that allows you to request your new password on anyone's xbox that has your profile. This means the next time they log into your account. It will request your new password so your account will be safe.

If you have any more suggestions on how to make this more secure, just post below.
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