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Tutorial How to RTE on Halo Reach.



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This thread is pretty much a thread that is reviving an old tutorial made by XoX

First of all, the things you are going to need when you RTE this game are:
  • A modified 360 console or devkit (RGH/JTAG/R-JTAG/XDK)
  • XBDM.xex (download, this contains multiple useful extra plugins. scan)
  • Neighborhood ( I can't provide this as it is warez, but if you have premium you can find it. You may or may not be able to get it on google :tongue: )
  • Assembly (download - scan it has a couple of false positives so if you feel uncomfortable downloading it here it can also be found [Click here to view this link])
  • Dashlaunch 3.17 (download - scan)
  • PC and console on the same network or console connected directly to the pc
  • The halo reach game extracted to your pc so you can access the .map files
Step 1

Install reach to your xbox 360 console, make sure it is installed so you can see the default .xex and .maps (This can be done via xex menu, freestyle dash or moved via neighborhood or FTP if you have the game backed up on your PC)

Step 2
move xbdm.xex to the root of your usb or hard drive

Step 3 (skip if on XDK)
Install dashlaunch to your console and open it

Step 4 (skip if on XDK)
Go to plugins in dashlaunch and select xbdm.xex as plugin1
Step 5 (skip if on XDK)
Press RB then go to the desired device you want to save the settings to and press X

Step 6
Reboot your console

Step 7
Install neighborhood and connect it to your console
  1. Click Add Xbox 360
  2. Click Next
  3. Type either the IP of the console or type Jtag (If on XDK type in the console name you set)
  4. When it asks if you would like to use the console as the default Xbox 360 Development Kit select Yes
  5. Hit Finish

Step 8
Open Assembly, click tools and go to settings then go to Xbox 360 Development and set the Xbox Name/IP to what you have it set as in neighborhood.

Step 9
Go to assembly's main page and hit "Open Content File..." and select the .map you want to mod then change it from map information to tags.
.map FileName | Corresponding Map
20_sword_slayer ======= Sword Base
30_settlement ========== Power House
35_island ============= Spire
45_aftship ============ Zealot
45_launch_station ===== Countdown
50_panopticon ========= Boardwalk
52_ivory_tower ======== Reflection
70_boneyard =========== Boneyard
forge_halo ============ Forge World

ff10_prototype ======== Overlook
ff20_courtyard ======== Courtyard
ff30_waterfront ======= Waterfront
ff45_corvette ========= Corvette
ff50_park ============= Beachhead
ff60_airview ========== Outpost
ff60_icecave ========== Glacier
ff70_holdout ========== Holdout

m05 =================== NOBLE Actual
m10 =================== Winter Contingency
m20 =================== ONI Sword Base
m45 =================== Long Night of Solace
m35 =================== Tip of the Spear
m30 =================== Nightfall
m50 =================== Exodus
m52 =================== New Alexandria
m60 =================== The Package
m70 =================== The Pillar of Autumn
m70_a ================= Credits
m70_bonus ============= Lone Wolf

mainmenu ============== Mainmenu

----------------Non Playable-----------------
Shared ================ Non Playable Asset Map
Campaign ============== Non Playable Asset Map

Now you are ready to RTE.

How to be an ultra black elite in forge, customs and maybe campaign
search for MATG in the search bar
then find "Third Person Unit" and change it to elite, or any of the others besides "Reflection_Lighting_Test"

Then once you have done that then either poke, or save the map if you wish to modify the actual .map file for use later without having to re-poke.

How to swap projectiles:
Use the search bar to search for the desired weapon
As you can see I have selected it under the tag WEAP, you will always find the correct guns this way

Once opened search for Initial Projectile

click the dropdown box that says objects\weapons\rifle\dmr\projectiles\dmr_bullet then browse the available projectiles. Then choose one and hit poke!

You have now modified the projectile of the DMR

If you want to be more advanced you could make your DMR shoot spartans or elites by changing the proj drop down to bipd ( If you are doing this on LiNK or even maybe system link the other player can't see this)

How to make weapons auto aim:

As you learned how to search for a DMR in the part above do that and get back on to the DMR page and search for auto aim angle, once you have found it modify the following values
Autoaim angle = 500
Autoaim range long = 500
Autoaim range short = 500
Magnetism angle = 500
Magnetism range short = 500
Magnetism Range long = 500
Magnetism safe radius = 0

Now the gun you have modified has auto aim

Poke and you are done!

Shooting faster:
On desired weapon search for Latch, then swap it to Spew. After that is done search for Rounds per second ( you will see min and max) change them both to 0

Poke and you are done!

Unlimited ammo:
Go to the tag MATG and search for Infinite ammo, then change it to bottomless clip

Poke and you are done!

3rd Person:

Go to desired weapon or vehicles tag and search "third person"
A box called flags will pop up, scroll till you see "third person camera" then select it and click poke

Credits to:
XoX for most of the tutorial, here is a link to his thread.

for .map names
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please help each time I try launch the modded default.xex with credits and stuff it says disc unreadable wtf please check pm too


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Thanks man, I forgot how to do this. Can always count on you.

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so i need a Modded Xbox Or Controller?


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Can i use this on Matchmaking?
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