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How to Rip DVD, Convert Video, Backup iPod info,Make iPhone Ringtone, Copy DVD on Mac

Discussion in 'PC Support Archive' started by Goorene, Jul 17, 2009 with 1 replies and 309 views.

  1. Goorene

    Goorene Newbie

    Two years ago, I had my first Mac. Today I get my new MacBook Pro. So I am totally a Mac fan now. I enjoy my Mac very much. I always watch movies on my Mac and sometimes rip my DVD movies on it and convert video to another format. Also I make my own iPhone ringtone on it. And recently, I copy my DVDs on it as well. Now I will share my experience with you.

    My article includes 5 part:
    Part 1. How to rip DVD to video format on Mac
    Part 2. How to convert video on Mac
    Part 3. How to transfer info between iPod and Mac
    Part 4. How to make iPhone ringtone on Mac
    Part 5. How to copy DVD on Mac

    Before we get start, I want to introduce you a really powerful tool:
    Aiseesoft DVD Software Toolkit for Mac. It can do what I said above easily.


    Part 1. How to rip DVD on Mac
    Just click DVD Ripper for Mac on the main interface.

    Step 1. Load you DVD.
    Click the Load DVD button(a), find the DVD folder of the movie you want to add from your DVD-ROM, and Click Open.
    Tick the check boxes(b) before the titles and chapters that you want to rip.

    Step 2. Chose output profile and settings.
    Selecting output format is really easy, you can chose your output format according to your devices players and the default setting works great.

    Tips: Sample rate (Hz) = any value up to 48000 (higher value = better sound quality = bigger file)
    Bitrate (kbps) = any value up to 160 (higher value = better sound quality = bigger file)
    After setting your own output and settings you can click Start button to start your conversion. (The time of the conversion depends on your DVD and the settings you chose.)

    Part 2. How to convert video on Mac
    Click Video Converter for Mac on the interface.


    Step 1. Load video
    Easily click Add File to load your video that you want to convert.

    Step 2. Choose output profile and settings
    At the bottom of the interface there are a drop-download list named profile. You can choose your output format here.

    You can also adjust the settings of your output video, such as Resolution, Bit rate and so on.
    After you finish the 2 steps, you can just click Start button to start your conversion.

    Part 3. How to transfer info iPod and Mac
    Use iPod Manager for Mac

    Step 1. Plug your iPod to your Mac
    Aiseesoft iPod Manager for Mac can find it automatically.


    Step 2.
    a. if you want to transfer music and videos from iPod to Mac

    Pick up what you want to backup
    Just click Music and all of your music on your iPod will be listed, so you can pick up which songs you want to transfer. (Click Video/Picture, if you want to backup your videos and image.)

    Click iPod to Mac and find where to put your iPod info on your Mac and click Open

    b. if you want to put music and videos from Mac to iPod.
    1. Click Music
    2. Click Mac to iPod and pick up the songs on your Mac you want to put on your iPod and click Open
    (If you want to put video/image, just click Video/Picture and other operation is the same as putting songs)

    Part 4. How to make iPhone ringtone on Mac
    Click iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac on the main interface.


    Step 1: Click Browse on the right side of "Input File" to import the file that you want to make ringtone from it.
    Step 2: Play it and listen the music to find the segment that you want to use it as ringtone. Then drag and click the start & end slider to set your wanted segment, or type the start & end time in the corresponding text box directly to get the exact segment. You also can pre-listen the converted audio before generate.
    Step 3: Click Browse on the right side of "Local Output Folder" to choose the output destination.
    Step 4: Check "Export to iPhone" option, the converted ringtone will be load to your iPhone directly.
    Step 5: After all the settings are finished, click Generate to begin making your own iPhone ringtone.

    Key function
    ● Convert any video to iPhone ringtone M4R
    ● Create iPhone ringtone from any audio files
    ● Get any clips from video and audio
    Edit Added iPhone ringtones

    Part 5. How to copy DVD on Mac
    You need to use DVD Copy for Mac.


    Step 1. Load Your Source
    This excellent DVD copy for Mac allows you to load DVD folder and DVD image ISO.

    Step 2. Choose Output Info
    1. Full Disc or Main Movie
    This DVD copy for Mac enables you to copy the full disc and also the main movie according to your need.

    2. Audio, Subtitle and Volume name
    You can choose your output audio from the Audio drop-down list, such as all audio/ None/ or some audio the DVD provide.

    Subtitle is always an important thing, you can choose your output subtitle in Subtitle drop-down list.

    You can also name your output volume's name

    Step 3. Choose Your Target
    You can copy your DVD to another DVD disc, DVD folder or DVD image ISO.

    1. You can also choose to copy the menus or not.
    2. All the info you choose will be dispalyed on the Info Box.
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    Re: How to Rip DVD, Convert Video, Backup iPod info,Make iPhone Ringtone, Copy DVD on

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