How to repair a Logitech precision controller for the original Xbox.

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    This is a tutorial on how to repair the logitech wireless precision controller for the original Xbox console.

    How to repair a logitech xbox wireless controller.

    Auto fire:

    Problem: The controller auto fires weapons when using the right trigger and the left trigger in games like halo and halo 2.

    Fix: Remove the cover from the back of the controller you will notice 2 springs attached to the left and right trigger remove springs and stretch them just a little and place them back into the controller.

    Weird controller responses:

    Problem: the controller behaves oddly.

    Fix: Make sure your controller is not near a cell phone or a phone running at 2.4 Ghz this will mess with the controllers signal.

    This is it.

    If you have issues like stcking buttons just take the controller apart completly and remove all of the buttons except the triggers of course.
    and wash them in soap and water.

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