PS4 How to remove special vehicle,tanks,etc??

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  1. Bogiestayhigh860

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    Im new on here and havent really seen or prob looking in the wrong places but can someone tell me how i can remove my non modded tank,rcv,etc from my facility so i can store a different one in there..Im doing the newer Deluxo method..

    Thanks in advance..Srry admins if i posted this in the wrong spot..

  2. Morimoto

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    Use deluxo gctf to give your tank or other sv to yourself. Look in your spot where your tank or sv was. You should have a rh8 or faggio there. Which ever you used in the gctf. Sell that vehicle. Buy a free elegy over your tank or sv that is now in your MOC. do deluxo gctf again but this time with your friends tank. After saving the tank goto creator and back online twice. This should move the tank or sv to its correct spot.