How to Properly add a Flak Cannon

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  1. xXMockeyXx

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    Well, I wanted to finsih my fun mod on Terminal off with a hidden, full auto Fuel Rod/Flak Cannon hidden outside of the map.

    I know how to make an automatic weapon... but I need to know how to import/make use-able the Flak Cannon from 05b_deltatowers.

    I would really appreciate if you used only Entity 1.3.9, or any other Entity!
    Oh, and if it makes a difference, make it compatible for Terminal.

    I need to know all of the steps, in depth, pics would be highly appreciated, but if the tutorial is simple enough, they will not be necessary.

    I am looking for a tutorial that hopefully will read like this:
    1)Open up 05b_deltatowers in Entity1._.
    2)Click on weap+
    Chose Flak Cannon
    3)Select Parsed, Recursive, sounds
    4)................ whatever comes next :wink:

    Thank you guys so much!

    :frown:Anyone? I have it in, but I can't pick it up.. when I do, the game freezes.
  2. joey4785

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    Let me Try to get a fuel rod working than i will Edit this post and give a tut.. Ive never seen a TUT ill prob be able to figure out =P


    Ok i figured it out i did it all with entity 1.3.9 and it froze my map when i shot it... i got angry cause it was the first time ive froze a map in 6 months...

    1. Open up InsolenceV1 GET HERE

    2. Open 04b_floodlab & Your map.

    3. Scroll Down to "weap" tag on 04b_floodlab

    4.Drag over the weap named "flak_cannon" on the end of it.

    5. A transfering bar will appear it will transfer how fast your computer is 10sec-10min for this "tag" (dont think it is frozen it is not, it is just working =P)
    now its in your map yay... but we gotta fix the 1st person idents on it....

    6. close out of Insolence, Open up Entity 1.3.9 GET HERE

    7. Open up your MP map in Entity1.3.9

    8. Scroll down to the "weap" tag

    9.Right Click Show>idents.

    10. change the ident in "red" to "mode>objects\weapons\support_high\flak_cannon\flak_cannon"

    11. change the ident in "blue" to "jmad>objects\characters\dervish\fp\weapons\support_high\fp_flak_cannon\fp_flak_cannon"

    12. Fix Encryption & FTP

    yay your done...

    That was annoying lol it took me an 1hr to figure out.....why it froze
    Good Luck
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  3. OP

    xXMockeyXx Enthusiast

    May I quote you/give you credit in the Tutorials?
    Lol... or just post it in there!
  4. gmac

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    when i paly as a spartan i can not see the cannon but other players can. is there a way to fix this?

    sorry for the double post but i figured it out.

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