How to Properly add a Flak Cannon

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    Well, I wanted to finsih my fun mod on Terminal off with a hidden, full auto Fuel Rod/Flak Cannon hidden outside of the map.

    I know how to make an automatic weapon... but I need to know how to import/make use-able the Flak Cannon from 05b_deltatowers.

    I would really appreciate if you used only Entity 1.3.9, or any other Entity!
    Oh, and if it makes a difference, make it compatible for Terminal.

    I need to know all of the steps, in depth, pics would be highly appreciated, but if the tutorial is simple enough, they will not be necessary.

    I am looking for a tutorial that hopefully will read like this:
    1)Open up 05b_deltatowers in Entity1._.
    2)Click on weap+
    Chose Flak Cannon
    3)Select Parsed, Recursive, sounds
    4)................ whatever comes next :wink:

    Thank you guys so much!

    :frown:Anyone? I have it in, but I can't pick it up.. when I do, the game freezes.
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    Let me Try to get a fuel rod working than i will Edit this post and give a tut.. Ive never seen a TUT ill prob be able to figure out =P


    Ok i figured it out i did it all with entity 1.3.9 and it froze my map when i shot it... i got angry cause it was the first time ive froze a map in 6 months...

    1. Open up InsolenceV1 [Click here to view the link]

    2. Open 04b_floodlab & Your map.

    3. Scroll Down to "weap" tag on 04b_floodlab

    4.Drag over the weap named "flak_cannon" on the end of it.

    5. A transfering bar will appear it will transfer how fast your computer is 10sec-10min for this "tag" (dont think it is frozen it is not, it is just working =P)
    now its in your map yay... but we gotta fix the 1st person idents on it....

    6. close out of Insolence, Open up Entity 1.3.9 [Click here to view the link]

    7. Open up your MP map in Entity1.3.9

    8. Scroll down to the "weap" tag

    9.Right Click Show>idents.

    10. change the ident in "red" to "mode>objects\weapons\support_high\flak_cannon\flak_cannon"

    11. change the ident in "blue" to "jmad>objects\characters\dervish\fp\weapons\support_high\fp_flak_cannon\fp_flak_cannon"

    12. Fix Encryption & FTP

    yay your done...

    That was annoying lol it took me an 1hr to figure out.....why it froze
    Good Luck
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  3. OP

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    May I quote you/give you credit in the Tutorials?
    Lol... or just post it in there!
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    when i paly as a spartan i can not see the cannon but other players can. is there a way to fix this?

    sorry for the double post but i figured it out.