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Tutorial How To Port The Binding Of Isaac Mods From PC To PSVita

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Over the last week I have managed to get some of the most popular PC mods for The Binding Of Isaac working on our very own PSVita. If you're interested in the mods that I have already converted you can view them here http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=116&t=46927.

Otherwise if you're interested in porting different mods for your own pleasure then you're in the right place!

This guide will assume that you're on a Windows based PC. It is possible to do this on Linux and mac. However I do not know the command equivalents for those operating systems.

In order to start porting the mods you will need the following.

1. ImageMagick http://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-releases.php

2. A Rebirth compatible mod from The Modding Of Isaac (Afterbirth mods will not work without making major adjustments!) https://moddingofisaac.com/

3. A special batch file that I made for you that will expedite this process tremendously . (Please don't run this until you are ready since it will delete any png and batch file in the same directory as it including itself) http://www.mediafire.com/download/ekotpiq1bfl2270/Convert_PNG_to_PCX.bat

Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/...e98fdcc6b144929575054c63/analysis/1473012631/

Once you have everything you need. You're ready to start porting your first mod!

For the sake of this tutorial I shall be using Super Smash Bros Rebirth https://moddingofisaac.com/mod/127/super-smash-bros-rebirth

1. Once you find and download your mod extract it to a folder on its own. I recommend making a dedicated folder if you plan on doing multiple mods.


2. Once you extract your mods to your work area the first thing you will want to do is delete it's "animations.b" file if it has one. This file will not work on the vita it will automatically cause your game to crash. So always use the vanilla animations.b file!

3. Open your mod's GFX folder, and open the first folder that you see. In the case of Super Smash Bros Rebirth, the folder I am looking for is called "backdrop"

4. Once inside of your first folder you should see some PNG files. If not you will have another folder. If you have another folder then keep opening them until you reach some photos. The goal of this is to eventually use the next step on every folder that houses PNG files inside of your mod's "GFX" folder.

5. Once you're at your first batch of PNG's take the batch file I provided you and copy and paste it into your folder like so.


6. Once you have the batch file in place, double click it to run it. You should see your command prompt appear on screen for a moment and disappear alongside the PNGs and the batch file in the folder, and all of your PNGs should now be replaced by some new PCX files!


7. If your PNGs have all been replaced then you're on the right track. What you now need to do is. Go back to your previous folder. and open the next folder you see. If there is no folder, then check for PNG files. The goal here is to repeat steps 3-6 until you convert every PNG to a PCX. Once all of your photos are converted you're free to start the next step!

8. [Mod Specific]. You will not need to do this for every mod. Some mods house a "fonts' folder in their root directory. If your mod includes that. Please use the PNG>PCX converted that you used in steps 3-6 in this fonts folder as well. You can't use any PNGs on the vita version of the game!

9. Once all of your photos are converted. Your root directory should look something like this.


If it does then you're doing a great job so far, you're almost done! Now what you will need to do is start testing your mods. I recommend using VitaShell's FTP to transfer and test these files, and to test one at a time. Meaning, inject and overwrite your old gfx folder. If it works, then go on to your music folder etc. Once you do your folders. Upload your XML files one at a time as well. Currently there are a few XML files that may crash your game. However they are not consistent enough to rule out completely. These are entities2.xml and costumes2.xml

10. Once all of your files are transferred and running your mod is now ported and running successfully! Your game should now look something like this depending on the mod you ported.


That wasn't so hard now was it? :smile: This same guide will also work for the Nintendo 3ds version of the game. However if you're interested in porting any mods to the 3ds. Please be aware of how hard it is to run The Binding Of Isaac on the 3DS as is. So porting mods will require quite a bit of more troubleshooting then on the Playstation vita.

If for whatever reason you're confused at one of the steps or if a step isn't clear enough please let me know and I will do my best to explain it again and word it differently in the guide!


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I've worked on a couple of mods using these methods myself and I can confirm that this tutorial works.

Linux users: Download my custom version of Red Red 's batch file here.
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Hi, my game crashes, always, and i dont know why, what version should i use?, pls help me! ty ^^
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