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Tutorial How to Mod Recon Armor

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First go to this video and look up how to mod your gamer score with a USB STICK!!
You must have attempted these vidmasters at least once.
Step 1: Do not Mod any other achievements rather than the ones i tell you to mod.
Step 2: Open USB Xplorer and Open you USB
Step 3: Find what set of numbers is your gamertag and extract it to your desktop
Step 4: Then Open Profile Editor 2 and open your profile in it
Step 5: Find Halo 3 in your game collection on the left hand side
Step 6: Then Find the Halo 3 Vidmasters and Click ANNUAL and mod the date and time to the last time you attempted the vidmaster. Your can find the time and date on bungie.net under campaign history. And for 7 on 7 just mod the time and minutes to 7/7/10(it goes day/month/year) and you can just mod the others normal.
Step 7: Do the same thing for the ODST ones as well. set them till the last time you attempted the vidmasters.
Step 8: when you have only the vidmasters modded save it and the profile on your desktop will overwrite.
Step 9: Open USB Xplorer back up and delete your old profile history from there and INPORT the new one by clicking INSERT button and find your profile on the desktop and insert it.
Step 10: Then plug your usb in your xbox connect to xbox live. and the vidmasters should be unlocked and go to bungie.net it will say couldn't verify the endure achievement wait 24 hours. thats normal.
Step 11: To make the error go away just go do deja vu legit and it will say unlock my recon.
Step 12: Have Fun Hazing Your Reconzz :smile:
Step 13: +Rep Pin if possible. i dont see any other tutorial about this on se7ensins THANKS :smile: <3
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