How to mod Halo 1 on the xbox ( with pics )

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  1. dontmockme360

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    Hi, this is my first tut so i hope you can understand this.

    Step 1 : Getting your maps

    First of all make sure that halo 1 is saved to your xbox hard drive so that you can ftp the maps to your computer.

    Once you have halo on your xbox open up FlashFXP and transfer your chosen map to your desktop.( Im gonna mod a multiplayer map )

    To get your map goto

    E > games > halo > maps and then choose your map and transfer it to your desktop.


    Step 2 : Modding your map

    Now open DotHalo and then open your map, when you open your map you will get a pop up asking you if you want to decompress the map, select yes.


    Im just going to show you how to projectile swap im sure that most of you know how to do everything else but if you dont then just post a comment and i will make a tutorial for you.

    Now go down to the weap tag and select your weapon and then go the dependencies window and select the proj it should look somthing like this

    proj - weapons\assault rifle\bullet

    and then go to the long dropdown box and select a new projectile.

    Then click Save Changes.


    Step 3 : De-compressing your map and putting it back on your xbox

    When you have clicked save changes and have done all your mods click on close map and then click yes when you see the pop up.


    Now you can exit out of DotHalo and then go back to FlashFXP and transfer your map back to your xbox.


    Now you can close FlashFXP and hop onto your xbox and try out your mods.

    I hope this tut was usefull. If you have any questions then feel free to post a comment and i will help you out.

  2. benma09

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    i will try this
  3. Bobtimes

    Bobtimes Newbie

    Everytime I try to save the changes in DotHalo the program comes up with a unexpected error and messes up the map. What is it that Im doing wrong. Also when It does work and i put the map on my xbox none of the modded changes show up, everything is just the same.
  4. ILLusiveman

    ILLusiveman Enthusiast

    can you give us details like operating system or at what point during the time you are modding your map this problem occurs?

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