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Solved How to make Stock pure white rims? (Question)



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So like most of us I like to create unique vehicles on GTA. I seen someone post in a Facebook community a photo of a car with Stock Pure White rims. They person who makes them doesn't tell anyone the "Secret". I would love a solution to how to do this, so would a ton of people in the GTA V Automotive communities.


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There are a few cars in the game that have pure white rims.
  • Weaponized Caracara.
  • Green Rat Truck found at the Paletto Bay mod shop.
  • Yellow Sandking XL found at the used car lot on route 68 by the prison.

  1. Purchase a weaponized Caracara or find either of the two aforementioned vehicles.
  2. Change the wheel type to anything other than the stock wheel option.
  3. Do not change the wheel color.
  4. merge it to a Benny’s vehicle.
  5. You will now have a Benny’s vehicle with pure white rims to use as a donor vehicle.
The weaponized Caracara doesn’t have a special paint job. It comes with Blue metallic paint and sea foam blue pearlescent.
Neither of the other two aforementioned vehicles have special paint as well.

In addition if you have a vehicle that has pure whites and you want to change them to stock wheels you can use iFruit.
You would simply open iFruit,
select the vehicle in question change the rims back to stock then send the order.

Once the order has been received in game you would then go to a mod shop and boom you would have pure white stock wheels. This won’t work with all vehicles as some vehicles have chrome wheels as stock. If that’s the case you cannot use this.

Another way I just figured out how to get pure white stock wheels is to have previously merged your car with pure white F1 wheels.

Once you have finished the merge you can go to the mod shop and scroll through the tire design options.
When you select the stock wheels the color sticks. Granted you lose your F1s but you would now have pure white stock wheels.
I just did this method yesterday with the Drift Yosemite.

I decided I like the stock wheels better than F1s on that particular vehicle so I reverted them to stock and the pure white color stuck to them.
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