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Tutorial How to make DIY Xbox 360 controller wireless receiver for PC WITHOUT Soldering and Diodes LMAO

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So this methods is surprisingly simple and I'm shocked it works. S/o to C4illin for the idea
F*CK that jank bullsh*t we using BRUTE FORCE mfs

  • Xbox 360 Phat RF Module (haven't tested with Slim RF module yet but plan to try it out and update this thread)
  • Xbox 360 wireless receiver drivers (worked on Windows 10 for me I executed 64bit)
  • sync your controller to the RF Module via Xbox if you want to use it wirelessly without play and charge kit
  • Female to Male USB cable or USB extension cable. you NEED the female connector exterior completely exposed otherwise it wont fit. or do what I did and peel away the protection around it with a utility knife to make it work.
  1. You must plug the USB in the correct orientation for this to work. There will be 2 sides on the RF board connector one with 4 pins and another with 5 Pins. We focus on the 4 pin. Same with the USB it will have a side with visible 4 pins.
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  2. Jam the Female end of the USB in the RF Board it will take some force and wiggling/adjusting but don't get impatient and break anything (after you've done this you can follow the rest of the old tutorial if you'd like)

    It should look like this
  3. Install the Drivers Linked above. (I installed 64 bit)
  4. Plug in The Male end of the usb in to your PC
  5. This contraption show up in your device manager as "unknown device"

  6. right click and select "update driver" and then "Browse My computer for drivers"
  7. Select "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" You can now either scroll down and select The driver like this or select have disk and navigate to the driver by picking "have disk" it'll most likely be located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories\Xusb21.inf


  8. it should now show up on your device manager
I have the Play & charge kit and have my controller wired so I was good to go from here However if you want to use it wirelessly you should be able to "sync the controller by plugging in the RF Module in an Xbox and sync with the Xbox's sync button. as per referencing the old thread"
Virustotal for Drivers
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