How to Make a Website

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    1. First and foremost, you need hosting. I personally use and have had no troubles. If you buy for 2 years it comes out to about $7 a month. Without hosting you won't be on the web, plain and simple.

    2. You need to know at least a little HTML... is a great source for knowledge on this topic, as well as many others. This site has tutorials and lessons on pretty much every computer language and code.

    3. You don't necessarily need a domain name since some hosts allow you to use a sub-domain from their domain. (Ex. Although it is definitely preferred to have, and they only cost $10. Most of the time with free hosts, though, you are forced to use a sub-domain.

    4. General computer knowledge would be extremely helpful, although with all the support nowadays, I guess it isn't completely necessary to know the ins and outs of everything... It certainly is helpful and will allow you to solve problems much faster though!

    People can use WYSIWYG Editors such as Dreamweaver or they can simply code it in Notepad. The only real difference is that programs like Dw give you the option to view it in the program and helps with formatting your code. I don't advise using Dreamweaver's design view though, because people have complained a lot about it using bloated code.

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