How to Make a Quality Glitch Thread

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1. Read the rules!
Before even posting a thread in this section, be sure to read the rules!
1.1 How to report a thread.
The report button can be found under the post in the bottom left hand corner and it looks like this.

All you have to do is click it, and report the thread with a reason.
1.2 Reporting a post in the thread.
We need to keep the glitching thread as clean as possible. Reason why, is because people sometimes have questions about the glitch, and/or do not know how to do it. So they rely on other people to further explain it, or whatever else.
Following the rules:

#2.4 Flaming of any kind. Calling someone a “leech” or any other offensive words will result in an infraction.
#2.6 Derailing threads/Off-topic responses. This is considered as spam. An example includes asking for gamertags (this is what PM’s are for)
#2.7 Saying “Thanks” or “No Problem" is considered as spam. If you appreciate something someone has done, click the like button.
#3.3 Do NOT mini-mod regardless of what rule is violated. If you don't know what mini-modding is, it's when members find a thread that violates the rules and say things like "This has already been posted. Reported" or "This violates the rules". This in itself is a rule violation and you will be infracted for it
#3.4 If you are going to critique something released by a member, one should use constructive criticism, and not just saying something such as “This sucks”.

This also applies to anything else(such as: "this has been posted before", "you are not the founder of this", etc.). If you see this, all you have to do is report the post.

2. Has the glitch been posted before?
If it has, please refrain from posting it again, as it just clutters up the section.
Keep in mind: before you post, be sure to use the search function.
(Note images show BO3, but it is the same concept as WWII, thanks to Sombra)

2.1 See a duplicate thread?
Please be sure to report it so it can be either locked/removed by our moderators. By doing so it will make the section look cleaner and it will not be all cluttered up.

3. Use the Prefix function.
It really confuses most people that look at your thread if you don't specify the platform that the glitch is for.

It's the same for PC and mobile.
Choose whatever platform it's for. If it's multi-platform, please specify in the thread's title.(i.e., Unlimited Dart Glitch (Multi-Platform), or, Unlimited Dart Glitch(All Platforms), etc.)
If you have a speculation of a glitch, be sure to use that prefix.

4. Elaborate, elaborate, elaborate.
Text tutorials are strictly required!
I cannot stress this enough. You MUST elaborate when you are doing text tutorials. They don't have to be lengthy as long as you explain yourself thoroughly. DO NOT JUST POST A VIDEO!!! If you do so, a moderator will move your thread to the WWII Videos section and will ask you to add a text tutorial, if you fail to do so, the thread will just stay in the videos section. Keep in mind this is considered just as advertisement and it can get you in trouble if you keep on constantly doing it! You have to keep in mind that not everyone wants to look at a YouTube video, sometimes text tutorials help out more.

5. Lock your thread!!!
Once the glitch has been patched be sure to lock your thread to stop anyone else from bumping it up. By doing so it will lessen the confusion if the glitch is still possible.
If your glitch has been patched(and you're not premium), report your threads prefix to be changed to "Patched".
5.1 See a glitch that has been patched?
If you have tried it yourself and others keep on saying that it has been patched, and the author of the thread has not locked their thread, please be sure to report it for it to be locked.

6. Need support?
If you need help with doing a glitch go here and post a thread in the WWII Matches section by requesting for someone to help you out in doing the glitch.

Do you have any questions and/or issues and need to speak to the moderators of the this section? Be sure to message them.
and ImOx.

Other Notes, I take zero credit for this thread. Everything made by Sombra who is currently not around so decided to recreate it.
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