How to make a custom boot logo

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    This tutorial will show you how to create your own Custom Boot logos that are made to work through XPwn creation/QuickFreedom

    Make sure your custom image follows these instructions:

    The image is a correct PNG image file
    The image is not over 100KB in size
    The image is not over 320 x 480 in size
    The image has correct transparency. (This may be a problem for some people, if your image is not working, I would recommend downloading Ifranview free imaging editor software.

    1) Open the image in Irfanview and then click File->Save (original folder).
    2) Select PNG from the dropdown list and options for PNG images will appear on the top right
    3) Check Save Transparent Color.
    4) Press save and a dialog "Set Transparent color will appear"
    5) Now select the transparent color, if you made the backround black then select any black spot on your image.
    6) Now you have your own logo
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