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Tutorial How to Make a Bootable Windows 10 USB From Mac

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a quick guide on how to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive using a Mac. This can be really handy if you need to install or reinstall Windows 10 on a PC. Here's how you can do it

Download the Windows 10 ISO

Visit the Microsoft Windows 10 download page.
Click on "Download tool now" under the "Create Windows 10 installation media" section.
Follow the on-screen instructions to download the Windows 10 ISO file.
Format the USB Drive

Plug your USB drive into your Mac.
Open "Disk Utility" (You can quickly find it using Spotlight search by pressing Command + Space and then typing "Disk Utility").
In Disk Utility, select your USB drive from the sidebar and then click on "Erase" at the top.
Set the format to "MS-DOS (FAT)" and the Scheme to "GUID Partition Map."
Click "Erase" to format your USB drive. Click "Done" when the process finishes.
Use Terminal to Create the Bootable USB

Open Terminal (again, you can find it quickly using Spotlight search by pressing Command + Space and typing "Terminal").
Convert your ISO file to an IMG file by entering the following command. Be sure to replace 'path/to/your/iso' with the actual path to your ISO file:
hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o /path/to/target.img /path/to/your.iso

Note: macOS might append the .dmg extension to your output file automatically.

With your USB drive connected, find its device identifier by typing the following command in Terminal:
diskutil list

Identify your USB drive in the list (e.g., /dev/disk2).

Unmount the USB drive by running
diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX

Make sure to replace diskX with your USB drive's identifier.

Now, copy the ISO image to your USB drive using the dd command:
sudo dd if=/path/to/your.dmg of=/dev/rdiskX bs=1m

Replace /path/to/your.dmg with the path to your IMG file and /dev/rdiskX with your USB drive's identifier. The use of /dev/rdiskX helps in achieving a faster data transfer rate.

Be patient as this process might take some time and does not provide a progress indicator.

Once the process completes, eject your USB drive safely by typing:

diskutil eject /dev/diskX

Your USB drive is now ready as a bootable Windows 10 installer. You can use it to install Windows 10 on any compatible computer by plugging it in, rebooting the computer, and selecting the USB drive as the boot device in the BIOS or boot menu.

Hope this helps anyone looking to create a Windows 10 bootable USB from their Mac!
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Creating a bootable Windows 10 USB from a Mac can be super handy, especially for those who need to install Windows on different devices. It's great to have step-by-step instructions like these to make the process smoother.
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