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Tutorial How to make a "Batman Style" passage way/drop w/ Pistons



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I was screwing around making a wicked staircase that i saw on MinecraftForums while doing so i felt the need to try something else with the pistons, create a contraption where you can stand on it but once you hit a lever you drop down into another room hence the Batman style drop.

Warning: This tut may be a little confusing because i don't know how to explain my ideas :/

This is a simple tut btw.

Works the best in Wooden Building so that the pistons fit in somewhat.

Needed tools
- 2 Repeaters
- About a stack of redstone
- 1 Stick Piston
- 1 Normal Piston
- Block of your choice
- Lever

Step 1.
Dig down 3 blocks

Step 2.
Start digging out the area you dug out minus the top layer. Here i dug it 11x5 it's gives plenty of space you move around. Also on either side of the hole leave 4 blocks of dirt and on the opposite place 3 blocks.

Step 3.
On the side with the 3 block place an additional block on top of the closest one to the hole.

Step 4.
Place a repeater facing the block you just placed and follow redstone behind it then around to the other side. Make sure you leave 1 block between the redstone and the line of dirt ( or your block ).

Step 5.
On the opposite side where the line of 4 blocks place a sticky piston on the 2nd block on it's side and on the first block place a normal piston facing up.

Step 6.
Place a repeater facing the sticky piston with a full delay and connect it to the redstone from the other side.

Step 7.
Directly above the redstone that is connected to the repeater on the 3 block side place a lever. This will give the redstone power even though they are not connected.


Now just hit the lever and stand on the piston, hit it once more and you will be falling down to what ever level you dug down to. Just a tip of advice if you are falling more then 8 block i suggest putting some water then a ladder to prevent it from spilling every where 2 block above where your secret room is.

Essentially you are done if you could even follow this tutorial ( as i said before i can't explain my ideas/ contraptions well ) I don't think this has been posted before seeing how i haven't seen a contraption like this but if it has let me know.

Quality is crap cus ScreenFlow only record full screen not partial so when i cut around it the quality went way down.

But here is an example of it.


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i have made a very similar thing to this. i had lava in the hole, used it as a 'bin'
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