Hardware Mods How To Jtag an Xbox 360 Falcon Motherboard! Step-By-Step [TuT]


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Hey Guys Heres a Step-By-Step Tut On How to Jtag An Xbox 360 Falcon Motherboard. :lol:

<3 Se7ensins <3


Xbox 360 With a Falcon Motherboard
Soldering Iron/Soldering
Some Wire 20/15 G.
A Dashboard/Kernel Lower Than 7371
Screw Driver Set
Two Switching Diodes (I Used 1N4148)
Copy Of XEX Menu

Step One:

First you want to make sure you actually have a Falcon MotherBoard, Flip Your Console Over and Look At Where the Power Plug goes in.

If It Looks Like that You Have Falcon Motherboard

Step Two:

Now You Want to Make a sure you have the right Dashboard/Kernel Go to System Settings, Console Settings, Then System Info

Again It has To be 7371 or Lower.

Step Three:

Alright, So Now Were going to take the case off of the Console, Exposing the Motherboard.

Get Your Screw Driver Kit Ready (Im Using the NexXTech Small Bit Kit)

First, Remove The Face-Plate, Then Pull The Vents On the Top An the Bottom Off Like So:

Start At the Front, Then Pull to the back.

Now Go to the front of your Console and Unclip These Four Clips:

After That Flip Your Console Upside Down and Pull Up:

Now Flip Your Console Over to the Back Side, Take A Flat Head Screwdriver and apply pressure in this Slots. (Note: Make sure the Front Clips don't Reclip):

They Should Make A clicking Sound each time.

Alright so Now Pull the The Sides Apart:

Now Flip the Console Upside Down Again. Get your Torx-9 Bit and Take out the following Screws:

Now Go to the front and Pull off the Eject Key:

Now Flip the Console over and Pull the top off Casing:

Step 4:

Now Were going to take out the DVD Drive so We can Take Out the MotherBoard:

Gentle Pull Up on the Top of the DVD Drive And Disconnect the 2 Cables:

Once the DVD Drive is Out Remove the cables from the Motherboard

Now flip your Console Over And Take Out The following Screws using a Torx-8:

Now Remove The Rest Of the Screws With A Torx-9.

Flip your Console right Side up. Go to the Front of your Console an Remove The Following screws from the front motherboard with A Torx-8 screwdriver:

Now Remove The Front Motherboard.

Alright Now Disconnect the Fan:

Now Remove the Motherboard From Its Case by Pulling Up from the front:

Step 5:

Jtag Connections

First, This is How your going to want to solder the wire to the Motherboard. You want to Place the wire On the Board and Heat It Up, Then Slide it Into the Solder Like So:

Alright So Now Here Are the Falcon Mother Board Jtag Connections:

The Blue Wire From The First Picture Connects to the front in the Second Picture, Note: The Front of Diodes Go In the Direction the Arrows Point, The Black Mark side on the switching diodes is the front.

After All Connections Are Made put the Motherboard Back in and Connect DVD Drive and Fan. Then Let you Jtagged Xbox Run for 5 minutes (If it runs straight for 5 minutes) You Made your connections right.

Now Put Your copy of Xex Menu and Install to Hard Drive~!

Now you Have A Falcon Jtag! If there are any questions just ask me! Im just trying to help the community :biggrin:

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I No The Rest Is Pretty simple though. And yes I made this is took like 3 hours :tongue:
This took you 3 hours? No offense but it isn't a great tutorial when you're telling them where to solder and then saying put back together, you're missing out the most important parts..

When I tag my mate's falcon in a few days I'll make an in-depth tutorial and show you how it's done. :tt2:


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In the pic you show a dash of 13146. That's not lower that 7371, or is there another number you are referring to?

Hello all, I'm new here. and I have questions.


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I'm not trying to flame but you should either include dumping the nand into the tut or ask a mod to close. this is already in a sticky for 1 and it is not complete and newer members will think this is all that has to be done.


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Dude you put too much effort into the graphics. Just kidding. :tongue: Awesome guide, awesome pics.
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